My first serious work in the visual arts was as a studio potter. During the last few years in ceramics I explored organic, bulbous forms as jars and cups, and large vases and plates with scrafitto line, figure drawings, all in porcelain. In the final year of my 3 year MFA training in drawing and painting I became interested in pattern, based on textiles I owned. Work  in subsequent years took my interest in pattern into architecture. It was a western trip with my family that drew me to landscape. I pursued landscape in several series, often influenced by places I traveled to. As most of the galleries on this website show, in more recent years I took a conceptual approach to landscape. In this grouping of past work “Along the Path #2” and "Inheritance: Near Karakorum #1” are examples from two other series related to those shown in the Fragments gallery. Most of my work, over the years, has been strongly influenced by my love of the natural world. And from time to time, pattern reappears!